A.Skate, Heartchild The Movie, Autism, and you……

I am the person I am today because of skateboarding. I can say without hesitation that skateboarding changed my life forever. Although I came to SLC from Alabama in ’96 and quickly assimilated into the snowboard culture ( y’know the skateboarders retirement plan) it’s still skateboarding that started it all. I may not know all the kids nowadays like I do the snow kids but I still love and appreciate what skating is, what it stands for, and what it’s given to me. It’s hard to even articulate the impact it’s had on my life, no strike that it’s not hard it’s impossible. You may be one of the millions who pick up a skateboard and flirt with it a few years and move on to other things, that’s fine I hope you at least get a better or different perspective of the world because of it. However if you’re a lifer, one of those people that it profoundly effects forever the story of Crys Worley and A.Skate must strike you at your core. It’s a good chance most skaters know this story but many snowboarders may not. Take a few minutes to watch the trailer below for HeartChild and if you can find the means please help by donating 5 10  or whatever you can to the HeartChild Kickstarter. If you can, please pass the information on as well. Especially to anyone you may know that is an advocate for Autism but may not be involved with the Skate/Snow world. Thank you skateboarding, thanks Crys, thanks Faith of Birmingham Alabama, and thanks to Ben Duffy. Bama Pride!

Visit the HeartChild KickStarter here.

Find out more about A.Skate here.


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