Damn .. almost winter already?

Scratch one off the snowboarding bucket list …. went to Mt. Hood last week with the guys from Arkade. It was an awesome time and I really enjoyed my last two days on snow for 2011/2012 ( days 105 and 106 ). It was also great to get up there and see all the homies from SLC as well. Winter is coming fast and I’m stoked. It’s always a special time of year when the fall temperatures move in and everyone comes back to SLC from where ever the summer took them.

Mt. Hood

If you were  keeping up  you knew my back injury really became an issue at the end of the Utah season but I’m also happy to report after  many weeks off work and some close encounters with some really big needles (and some big piles of bills too I might add) all is well and Mt. Hood was my official return to duty.

As I nail down my  writing obligations for the season I’ll post them here. So far I can confirm I’ll once again be helping the great guys behind Utah’s premier shred magazine Arkade and also returning to Brighton Resort as part of their Park Blog Team. I also can be found from time to time hyping SLC on Angrysnowboarder.com. Finally I have a big project that is still unconfirmed but I’m really hoping it comes to fruition.. once I have solid information I’ll most certainly share…

Finally I have a few product reviews I want to get out before the season begins and there is still a plan in the works to retool this site into something different from what it has traditionally been. Since I am working on so many “industry” projects I’m moving away from that here and will transition to more of a lifestyle/shred blog but with a bit of a twist which I will hopefully be able to reveal before the end of 2012. ( p.s. it does NOT involve earthquakes, giant god-snakes, and the end of the Mayan calendar).

Thanks for reading and hope you are ready for the season as it is approaching fast!



4 responses to “Damn .. almost winter already?

  1. Keep up the good work! Can’t wait o hear what the last project is.

  2. Does the last project involve the TIME CUBE? Because if not, it totally should.

  3. Awesome that you’ve got so many projects to work on. Should be a fun year!

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