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Thanksjibbing at Snowbasin Resort November 26th

Well you know here in Utah we dont play around and only a few weeks into the season (and only day three for Snowbasin) the local contest circuit is already underway. This Thanksgiving weekend Snowbasin held what it dubbed the Thanksjibbing Games.  More than just your typical rail jam the Thanksjibbing Games were an assortment of contests including games of S.N.O.W.,  best method, high ollie, spin to win, double feature, and single feature jams. It made for a great time for all that came out and served as a great warm up to the upcoming contest season. This year Snowbasin will feature prominently in the Wasatch contest circuit as it joins contest mainstays Brighton Resort of SLC and PCMR of Park City in hosting the Friday Night Jib Fights. A revolving tour of Friday night contest with three stops at each resort and a finals in PCMR. The first stop will be December 16th at Snowbasin with tour finals March 30th at PCMR.  Judging by the new look of the lower Snowbasin park and the jibs I was able to check out that are awaiting placement in the upper park Snowbasin is really stepping up its game this season. Heres a selection of pics from todays event as well as the flyer for the Friday Night Jib Fights and finally a look at some of the yet to be placed jibs at Snowbasin. Special thanks to the Snowbasin Park Crew and event sponsors Dragon, DC, Vitamin Water, and Neff.


Milo Pro Sale and Give Away

An SLC tradition the MiloSport Prosale is the Saturday of Labor Day weekend each and every year. Many of Milos riders bring tons of goods to sell and make some cash. Its a great time to get pretty much anything you can think of for cheap from small items like gloves and facemasks to outer wear and high end items like boards and Banshee Bungees. Many of the guys bring product both new and used from the upcoming seasons product lines so it has become known as  SLC’s best opportunity to grab gear. Its also a  great chance to chat with your favorite pros in addition to picking up some great bargains. Attendees this year included Zima, Jeremy Jones, Ian Provo, Kooley, Mendenhall, MFM, Ted Borland, Justin Bennee, Blaze Kotsenburg, Grenier, Dan Brisse, Hana Beaman, Parker Duke,  Bode Merrill, Celtek Artist Dave Doman, Absinthe and snow/skate photog Bob Plumb, E-stone, Austin Granger, and Milo Ams Sam Taxwood, Brandon Hobush, Griffin Siebert,  and Ben Bilodeau …. if you couldnt  find it here you werent looking hard enough.  This year I took advantage of the ProSale to set up a small give away … its like you get a little bit of the ProSale for yourself . So peep the pictures of the day below and then watch the wrap up vid for details of the contest.

Enough Said

Burton Nug ... a pretty hyped board for the upcoming season.. Jeremy Jones wanted you to have one for cheap


This is the type of stuff you have the opportunity to buy at the Milo ProSale

Kooley had mad boards for sale

Grendy and Bode gotta pay rent

Did I mention the Capita premiere and after party were the night before the ProSale? Zima feeling the after effects...

Dont hate....

See the racks behind Hanah ... empty in 90 minutes


This is how kids left .. wearing as much new gear as possible, hands full, and stoked!


Ok just watch the vid below for a quick recap of the day and a rundown of what is being given away for the contest…

Ok folks the contest is easy… to enter send me a mail at with your name. Please put “Milo Contest” in the subject header so Ill know to place it in the give away folder. Lets run the contest through this Saturday the 10th. On Sunday Ill use to pick a winner and edit this post with the winners name.  One entry per person and U.S  residents only thanks for reading and thanks to the good folks at MiloSport and their team members .. support your local shop!

Update; winner announced…

Winner of the Pro Sale Bx giveaway is Chuck Newman … congratulations Chuck Ill be sending you a mail with info. Thanks to all that entered and thanks for reading!



Happy Birthday Blahg!! Nitro/L1/Ashbury limited edition snowboard give away

March 12th of last year I sat

down and started The Blahg. One year later its become more than I could ever hoped for. I thought about doing the standard “year in review/highlights” type post but instead Id like to do something different.  Instead of celebrating me Id like to just thank you and heres how….

Recently I contacted a few reps and shops in SLC in regards to a give away I have planned. Nitro and Milosport  came through with not only what I needed for that give away but also with a very special item. What I have is an Ashbury/L1/Nitro limited edition (only 12 exist) snowboard that I want to give to you. The board the Sub Zero mold and is a size 148 so ladies you can rock this amazing board too! Peep these pics of the board…

Heres the center topsheet of the board with the L1 and Ashbury logo

Heres the base with another large L1 and Ashbury logo ....

Heres how to enter….

Monday through Thursday I will ask a question about Nitro , L1, or Ashbury at the bottom of this post. You can use links I provide to figure out the answer.  I will “erase” the previous days question when I post a new one so make sure you visit each day for that days question. After all four questions have been asked just email me all four answers and thats your entry for the board give away.  Only mails that answer all four questions will be considered as entrants. On Friday I’ll use Random.Org to select a winner and the board (and maybe a few other pieces of Nitro/L1 swag) will be yours!

A very huge thanks to MiloSport and Nitro for this board! Again thanks everyone for reading and heres to many more years!

WINNER: Thanks to everyone that participated for a chance to win this super limited board. Also another huge thanks to Nitro Ashbury L1 and Milo Sport.  Joshua Robinson has been chosen by as the winner of the Nitro/L1/Ashbury snowboard. Congratulations Josh  keep an eye out for an email with some instructions for you. As an added bonus you will also get the swag pictured below….


left to right L1 MIA beanie, L1 Night Watch beanie, Nitro knife given away at SIA, and a Lita Mama Kin beanie for your special lady friend


Close up of the Nitro knife... please for the love of God dont stab anyone with this thing...