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Damn .. almost winter already?

Scratch one off the snowboarding bucket list …. went to Mt. Hood last week with the guys from Arkade. It was an awesome time and I really enjoyed my last two days on snow for 2011/2012 ( days 105 and 106 ). It was also great to get up there and see all the homies from SLC as well. Winter is coming fast and I’m stoked. It’s always a special time of year when the fall temperatures move in and everyone comes back to SLC from where ever the summer took them.

Mt. Hood

If you were  keeping up  you knew my back injury really became an issue at the end of the Utah season but I’m also happy to report after  many weeks off work and some close encounters with some really big needles (and some big piles of bills too I might add) all is well and Mt. Hood was my official return to duty.

As I nail down my  writing obligations for the season I’ll post them here. So far I can confirm I’ll once again be helping the great guys behind Utah’s premier shred magazine Arkade and also returning to Brighton Resort as part of their Park Blog Team. I also can be found from time to time hyping SLC on Finally I have a big project that is still unconfirmed but I’m really hoping it comes to fruition.. once I have solid information I’ll most certainly share…

Finally I have a few product reviews I want to get out before the season begins and there is still a plan in the works to retool this site into something different from what it has traditionally been. Since I am working on so many “industry” projects I’m moving away from that here and will transition to more of a lifestyle/shred blog but with a bit of a twist which I will hopefully be able to reveal before the end of 2012. ( p.s. it does NOT involve earthquakes, giant god-snakes, and the end of the Mayan calendar).

Thanks for reading and hope you are ready for the season as it is approaching fast!



I’m a poet and you didn’t know it

Heres some goofy poems about snow boarding….

Pipe Jock

Flippity flips, twirly whirls and spinny roos

My how you collect awards for the tricks you do

But once you retire its all the same

In five years time no one remembers your name


Backpack Guy

Jansport pack bounces up and down

Backpack guy I know you’re from out of town



Oh flatlight I loathe you so

Yet still down the hill I go

Never even saw that cat track

Now Im laying on my back



Hey man why are waiting at the chair

When the rest of your group isnt even close to there

You see them come and you whistle and shout

Id really like to just knock you out



Did you see my 450 off the rail it was really neat

My 450 on the 70 footer however was not nearly as sweet



The Mill B trail head S-Curve…

There has always been guerilla marketing in snowboarding. Stencils and well placed stickers are a great way to get your name out especially if youre a small up and coming company. Grenade and Levitation Project are two great examples of snow companies that have created major buzz for their brand using this style of marketing. As you drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon to Brighton there are numerous twists and curves. Many of these curves have the standard yellow directional warning signs around them. Many times youll see someone has placed a sticker or two on the signs. However the real locals and savvy guerilla marketeers know that the best spot to place your stickers is on the S Curve next to the Hidden Falls/Mill B trail head.

The guerilla marketing hotspot the Mill B S-Curve as seen from above the canyon road

You see all of the other signs are continuously knocked down in the winter by tourons ignoring the “4×4 or Chains only” sign at the bottom of the canyon and driving their Chrysler 300’s up the mountain.  However the signs that ring the Mill B  S-Curve are anchored behind barricades (Jersey Barriers if youre  down with the lingo the kids use nowadays). This makes them the ideal spot to plaster your company logo all over the place.  A few times each season as the signs become completely covered the Canyon Patrol will go through and clean them off and the whole process begins again. The Mill B S Curve a Salt Lake guerilla marketing hotspot …..

Salt Lake's Niche and Chimera Split Boards getting an early start to the marketing season