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First impressions of Volcom’s 9191

9191 is Volcom’s newest snow project that follows Gigi Ruf around the world and documents his riding. Ruf is one of my favorite riders so this release was on my must see list for this season. I got home popped the disc in and immediately checked the run time ( as I do with most snow/skate dvd’s) I was not happy to see it was a sad 24 minutes long. It bummed me out but I started to watch and for some reason unlike Respect your Elders which was a fast 28 minutes 9191 seemed much longer than 24. Even so I still didnt think I could give it a “go buy it” review because 24 minutes is just way too short, however more on that in a minute. First heres a few thoughts on the film in no particular order.

  • Its a beautiful film … Jake Price really got some amazing shots and angles
  • Even though its “Gigi’s movie” its features tons of other people mostly Luke Mitrani, Bryan “the Guch” Iguchi, Nicolas Muller, Willie Yli-Luoma, Jake Blauvelt, and Blair Habenicht
  • Speaking of Blauvelt if you didnt see my Hostynek interview where he talks about Blauvelts reasons for leaving Forum you should check it out. Its the best decision hes ever made in my opinion because like in Absinthes Nowhere Blauvelts riding really steals the show. I think Absinthe has a new heavy hitter much like Muller and Ruf thats really going to blow up in the next few seasons
  • If you like skating theres even a fast 4 trick segment of Chis Pfanner
  • Although Gigi influences how I ride hell never influence my clothing style … damn man just damn at some of that Volcom gear
  • Barons soundtrack is amazing. He does a great job of encompassing the mood of the scenes with his original pieces and collaborations.

Ok well so Im obviously pumped on the project but remember its only 24 minutes  so how could I possibly give it a “go buy”  rating  when I basically nixed Respect Your Elders for being 28 minutes long. Well lets talk about the extras because thats the key for salvaging this review. The extras are the saving grace of the film, 23 chapters with over 90 minutes of footage. Yes you read that right 90 minutes of bonus. Of course some of it is teasers and some of it is just random stuff like the guys renting segways but there is still plenty of riding from all over the globe within the extras. In fact there may be more Iguchi riding in the extras than in the movie proper. There is also some stuff with Baron recording the soundtrack thats pretty cool like having Dave Lombardo from Slayer come in and lay down some drum solos for the film. Also there is a 20 minute section of Volcoms west coast winter tour with lots of park riding from the team and band footage from Kandi Coded and Tweak Bird. All of the extras are worth watching a few times and after you go through them you can note the ones with all the riding and just watch them to effectively more than double the length of the main movie. Finally theres one more bonus, each Dvd comes with a code that will enable you to download the full Baron Soundtrack off the interwebz which is cool for me because I like to have lots of  music from videos on my MP3 player when Im riding.

So in conclusion taking the whole disc into account with the 24 minute main piece and the 90 minutes of extras Id say if you are a fan of big free riding and Ruf, Muller, etc this is a definite must have. The riding and riders are top notch the soundtrack keeps you entertained and the extras have tons of little goodies within them. 9191 is $24 at your local shop, also on iTunes ( I think) and is available now.


Dammit you skiers need to stop this crap….

So Im goofing around on Youtube today just looking at random snow clips to help assuage my snow fever when I run across a few clips that just drive me nuts. Ive touched on this point before as the last item in this post but today just got me all wound up again so Im going to repeat it.  IF YOU LAND ON YOUR BACK YOU DIDNT LAND THE TRICK AND IF YOU DONT LAND THE TRICK YOU CANT CLAIM THE TRICK!!!.  I have no idea why skiers above all other sports have the mentality that just trying the trick is enough to take credit for the trick.

Heres example one….

Now this is just example one but lets take a quick look at the clip. First look at the title “triple backflip” which insinuates that the trick is landed. Hell why not name it quadruple backflip and just say he wasnt able to make the final rotation due to exploding in the ground. Second listen to the guy filming … hes stoked as soon as our human lawn dart gets that third rotation. In his mind the trick is accomplished and he doesnt even wait  for a landing to get stoked. Baffling…

Heres clip number two…

This ones over two and a half minutes of footage with nary a landed “switch triple frontflip”  to be found. This guy obviously has skill but what he doesnt have is a switch triple frontflip in his switch triple frontflip clip. Once again attempting one, although gutsy, doesnt entitle you to claim it if its not landed. I dont know who this guy is since I dont follow freeskiing and he may have landed one  by now but I was unable to find a clip of it if he did. Like I said though .. dudes def got some skill and nerve.

That brings us to this gem….

Ok first things first this shits amazing. Well worth watching the entire clip and even heading over to the link to read more of the story. What its not is a cliff drop well at least not in the sense of trying to land a trick type cliff drop. Its an accident, a misread by the skier that results in him plummeting off the edge of a cliff and miraculously surviving.  How the hell can you get  a world record for dropping a cliff  when its a complete accident. I mean give the guy a world record for like highest survived fall or whatever just dont give him credit for actually attempting a trick. Hell by this logic if  hed just started rotating he could also have the record for first person to pull a 3600. Read the comments if you can stomach it. Many of the people are more than content with calling this a “made trick” which once again I can not comprehend. Hell Im going to strap in to my board and jump out of a plane with a chute and land on the mountain and beat this “world record” … its makes about as much sense.

I guess we cant fault the current crop of thrill seeking freeskiiers. After all check this clip from 17 years ago.

I guess the more things change the more they stay the same. I wonder why in the hell Wonder Woman parked her invisible jet in the middle of that landing. It sure did level this poor guy though didnt it. STUCK IT!!! WAHOOOO!!!

Skiers, please just stop this fiasco. Oh and by the way youre not going switch youre going backwards. Switch only pertains to sideways stances like in skateboarding, snowboarding, pitching, and batting in baseball.


Getting my vacation on!!! Friends in from Brooklyn and Sacramento this week. Were hitting the local skateparks and then hitting the road for some outdoor adventures in Southern Utah. Ill be back in town late week and will have some new posts up by the weekend.

Thanks for reading!